Merz aesthetics


Merz aesthetics is the manufacturer of Belotero and Radiesse fillers. Belotero fillers can be applied, for instance, to fill up wrinkles. Radiesse is a versatile filler which can be applied for multiple purposes.
AGR Medical is your wholesale partner in supplying Belotero and Radiesse from Merz aesthetics. We only supply the original products from Merz aesthetics. We are able to supply the following products;

  • Belotero Balance + Lidocaïne (1 x 1,0ml)
  • Belotero Soft + Lidocaïne (1 x 1,0ml)
  • Belotero Intense + Lidocaïne (1 x 1,0ml)
  • Belotero Volume + Lidocaïne (2 x 1,0ml)
  • Radiesse (1 x 1,5ml)
  • Radiesse (1 x 0,8ml)
  • Radiesse + Lidocaïne (1 x 1,5ml)
  • Radiesse + Lidocaïne (1 x 0,8ml)

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